Below is a list of our public courses. Please read the course information and the student information provided on this website. Then click on the enrol button to enrol in a course of your choice.  Enter a Voucher Code (if you have one) and the discount will be validated and applied at checkout.

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Business Services

CategoryCourse TitlePrice
Leadership and ManagementBSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management4,750.00
Leadership and ManagementBSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management3,250.00
Work Health and SafetyBSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety3,250.00

Financial Services

CategoryCourse TitlePrice
Bookkeeping/AccountingFNS50217 Diploma of Accounting5,250.00
Bookkeeping/AccountingFNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping3,250.00
Bookkeeping/AccountingFNSSS00004 BAS Agent Registration Skill Set750.00

Mining and Construction

CategoryCourse TitlePrice
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO308E Conduct tracked dozer operations0.00
Mining and ConstructionRII40115 Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations3,750.00
Mining and ConstructionRII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations3,250.00
Mining and ConstructionRII20215 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations2,750.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO304D Conduct wheel loader operations1,250.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO301D Conduct hydraulic excavator operations1,250.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO334D Conduct skid steer loader operations using attachments750.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO206D Conduct bulk water truck operations750.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIMPO208E Operate support equipment750.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces350.00
Mining and ConstructionRIIWHS204D Work safely at heights175.00

Outdoor Recreation

CategoryCourse TitlePrice
Outdoor RecreationSIS50310 Diploma of Outdoor Recreation6,000.00
Outdoor RecreationSIS40313 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation6,000.00
Outdoor RecreationSIS30413 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation5,000.00
Outdoor RecreationSIS20213 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation3,000.00

Public Safety

CategoryCourse TitlePrice
Public SafetySwiftwater Rescue Responder1,250.00
Public SafetySwiftwater Rescue Technician1,250.00