UATL Conversion – Civilian Accreditation

Below is an overview of the UATL Conversion Course. For more information give Group 314 a call on 1300 448 799.

SIS40619 Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership

Group 314 has developed a suite of conversion courses to enable Army UATLs to gain civilian accreditation for their UATL qualification.

The UATL qualification is closely aligned to the new Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership. We have mapped the course to maximise the amount of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for each discipline. Within each course there are Three steps:

OneThis step requires students to upload their UATL qualification, provide proof of currency, and complete two knowledge assessments. This will result in a number of Units of Competency being awarded.
TwoThis step requires students to read the Australian Activity Standard and associated Good Practice Guides, provide evidence of conducting at least two Adventurous Training (AT) activities, provide two Third Party Evidence Reports, and complete two knowledge assessments. This will result in a number of additional Units of Competency being awarded.
ThreeThis step requires students to complete additional tasks for the required units to meet the packaging rules of the qualification. The required units will vary depending on the UATL discipline. This will result in the full Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership qualification being awarded.

Please follow the links for detailed information on the UATL conversion course for each AT discipline:

Not all UATL disciplines will result in enough units being issued for the full Certificate IV qualification. Where extra units are required there is a note in the course specification in the links above. The additional units may be obtained through RPL/Credit Transfer from other qualifications (e.g. other UATL disciplines or relevant qualifications such as Certificate IV in Training and Assessment). If additional units can not be identified then the full qualification will not be issued, only those units that can be directly recognised from the UATL discipline.

Please contact Group 314 is you have other UATL qualifications that are not listed.