Below is an overview of the UATL Conversion Course. For more information give Group 314 a call on 1300 448 799.

SIS40619 Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership

Group 314 has developed a set of course modules to assist Army UATLs gain civilian accreditation for their UATL qualification.

The UATL qualification is closely aligned to the new Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership. We have split the process into 3 steps to provide maximum flexibility and cater for variations in UATL disciplines.

  • Step 1 must be completed first. Some UATLs may choose to not proceed any further than this.
  • Step 2 can be undertaken only after Step 1 is complete. Some UATLs may choose to not proceed any further than this.
  • Step 3 must be completed after the first two steps to obtain the full Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership qualification.

Explanation of the Steps

StepCourseDescriptionApprox Duration
1RPLThis is for core and selected discipline specific units where a lot of RPL is achievable. Not much effort is required to achieve this apart from some online knowledge assessments to validate competency.4 hrs.
2Partial RPLThis is for additional discipline specific units where extra evidence is required. Experience conducting some AT activities is required as well as some documentary evidence (e.g. instructions) and completion of some knowledge assessments.10 hrs.
3Gap TrainingThis is the training and assessment of gap units to finalise the qualification. There is a large variation in what is required depending on the UATL discipline. A custom training plan must be developed to suit individual circumstances. Group 314 will develop this individual training place on a case-by-case basis and also provide a custom price.Variable.

UATL Roping and Climbing

UATL Roping and Caving

UATL Roping and Canyoning

UATL White Water Kayaking

UATL White Water Rafting

UATL Sea Kayaking

UATL Back Country Skiing and Alpine Survival


Please contact Group 314 if you have other UATL qualifications that don’t fit the current suite of ATW courses.